Aug 21, 2017

Help Thousands of Patients Find You

If you are like most healthcare practitioners, you are looking for ways to grow your practice and your profitability. Recent events over the past few years — the economy, layoffs leading to more uninsured people, patients deferring treatment due to financial reasons, insurances cutting patient benefits — have presented quite a hurdle to building a robust practice. Even in good times, most healthcare practitioners wish they could add patients and grow revenue at a faster pace.

One of the best ways you can grow your practice now is by capitalizing on the thousands of patients in your locale who have disc-related injuries, have tried everything under the sun with no relief and are seeking someone who can successfully treat their condition.

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A Look Inside the Numbers

Just so you know this is no exaggeration, let’s take a look at some interesting numbers.

You don’t need a calculator to conclude that the above data reflects a BIG NUMBER of patients. And just in case you missed it, let’s reiterate.

Thousands of patients in your city with disc-related back pain receive little to no relief. How to Capitalize on the Numbers

Let’s start with the numbers. If you could grow the number of patients in your practice with disc-related back pain by 10%, how much increased revenue would that represent? How about 20%, 30% or more? Are you becoming interested?

So how do you accomplish such a growth rate? The answer is to successfully treat patients with disc-related back pain. The best way to achieve multiple successful treatment outcomes in a relatively short amount of time and with little personal involvement during the actual therapeutic session is to add spinal decompression therapy using the best spinal decompression machines to your practice. Once you do, you too can experience a success rate of up to 85% in patients with disc-related back pain. A relatively inexpensive investment that pays itself off in a short period of time will help you tap into the thousands of patients in your area who experience little or no relief from chronic disc-related back pain. By tapping into the vast number of patients desperate for success and by delivering results, your practice could grow beyond your expectations.

Start attracting patients to your practice by offering the solution that works for patients with disc-related back pain.

What’s your strategy for finding more patients and growing your practice?

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