Aug 26, 2017

Cash Paying Patients for Your Practice

Have you noticed that even as the economy is showing signs of stabilizing, patients aren’t returning and you haven’t been adding as many new patients as you used to? The economy has hurt a lot of healthcare practices; and, as if that wasn’t enough, the mass confusion over the changes to healthcare insurance has delivered yet another blow. With so many patients losing medical benefits and others waiting for a new plan to come into effect, where can you go to find patients and build your practice?

If you want to add more patients and grow your practice, you don’t have to wait for the insurance snafu to get unraveled. Why? It’s simple. We have observed first hand and received reports from countless sources that customers are paying cash for spinal decompression treatments for relief from back pain from herniated and degenerated discs.

Handing over the cash

Let’s take a closer look at the picture and how it can help you increase cash flow in your practice.

1. Patients Want an Alternative that Works and are Willing to Pay Cash. Epidurals too often offer only temporary pain relief. Physical therapy can exacerbate pain in some instances. Pain medications can be a real problem when used on a chronic basis. Patients are tired of getting poked with needles, yanked around and feeling loopy all day on pain medication while still having to cope with back pain. They are desperate to take their lives back, play with their children, work without pain and just feel normal.

Patients are paying cash to rid themselves of chronic back pain and they are proactively seeking physicians who have a track record of success. Americans spend $BILLIONS annually on back pain—and that’s only the spend that can be readily documented. How would you like to get a larger share of that revenue?

2. There is a Huge Market of Back Pain Patients with Unmet Needs. Back pain is an overwhelming problem in majority of patients experiencing pain due to some of the most common sources, disc herniations or disc degeneration, continues unresolved. Estimates show that up to 80% of the patients seeking out decompression treatments have already tried most other therapies with minimal or no relief. And yet up to 80% of these patients where everything else failed will still get significant results with spinal decompression devices. Imagine if you could capitalize of the 80% of dissatisfied back pain patients and what that could mean to your practice.

3. Spinal Decompression Therapy Works. Even with all the spinal decompression table scandals and poor marketing approaches more and more clinics are adding spinal decompression equipment. That is because the results for spinal decompression patients over the last 10 years have proven themselves time and time again. No matter what poor manufacturers do to sabotage the industry spinal decompression is here to stay because simply put: It Works!! Spinal decompression therapy has been shown to be effective in up to 80% of patients with back pain associated with disc herniations or disc degeneration. Relief is often achieved over a relatively short treatment regimen of 2-6 weeks.

Think about the numbers—from an 80% rate of unresolved pain to an 80% success rate--that represents a lot of satisfied patients. And what do satisfied patients do? They tell friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances about how relieved they finally are. They tell everyone who their hero is and practices grow substantially through these referrals.

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