Aug 29, 2017

Disc-Related Therapy Working or Making it Worse?

When is the last time you have evaluated your successful treatment outcome rate for treating disc-related pain in your practice? If you are like most practitioners treating back pain associated with disc injuries, disc herniations, and disc degeneration, the relief you provide patients may be temporary at best.

In this post, we’ll examine problems associated with treating patients with disc-related problems and describe a solution to those problems.

Few Patients with Disc-Related Back Pain Experience Relief

Let’s start by looking at the underwhelming rate of pain resolution for patients with disc-related injuries. As few as 20% of these patients resolve their issues. That leaves up to 80% of these patients out there who experience little to no relief from traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, pills and shots looking desperately for someone who can help. For those that do enjoy some relief, the absence of pain is generally temporary and returns after a brief period of time. In today’s age of modern science, one would surely expect to achieve better therapeutic outcomes.

The Problem with Drug Therapy

This one is pretty straight forward—as everyone knows, drugs treat symptoms and not the underlying problem that is causing the pain. Injections can help calm inflammation and ease pain, but only temporarily. The source of the problem, left untreated, typically results in a return of pain and inflammation.

OTC and prescription drugs do nothing more than mask the pain and carry with them additional health risks. Chronic use of NSAIDs present gastrointestinal and renal risks. Chronic and over use of opiates frequently leads to chemical dependence. This vicious circle of pain-pill-pleasure offers no resolution to the problem and, in many cases, only adds additional health problems.

The Problem with Traction, Inversion and Chiropractic Adjustments

Various forms of physical and mechanical manipulation share a common concern. Discs are typically injured in flexion couple with rotation such as bending over to pick something up. Many chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy movements re-create the exact mechanism of injury that caused the problem in the first place. As a result, the patients’ condition becomes worse, not better.

A Solution that Works in Up to 80% of Patients with Disc-Related Pain

Spinal decompression therapy for disc herniations or disc degeneration, when compared to alternative therapeutic approaches, represents a real breakthrough in treatment. Comparing a success rate of up to 80% with spinal decompression therapy with patients where everything else has failed, points to the fact that “breakthrough” is not an exaggeration.

Spinal decompression equipment provides successful outcomes through negative pressure that is created inside the discs as they are tractioned at a specific angle over a specific time. This negative pressure acts like a vacuum and creates an optimal condition for drawing in herniations and bulges, re-hydrating degenerated discs, restoring the hydrostatic pumping mechanism of the disc, relieving pain and promoting disc healing. By sensing and responding to muscular resistance, spinal decompression therapy allows muscles to relax and increases negative pressure generated in the discs and disc exposure to nurturing fluids that contribute to disc repair.

If you’d like to change the success rate in your treatment outcomes for disc-related pain and help more patients resolve their back pain, incorporate chiropractic spinal decompression machines in your practice and start utilizing the intelligent alternative to disc related conditions.

What’s your success rate for the treatment of disc-related back pain?

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