Sep 05, 2017

Pay Off a Moneymaking Investment in Months

If you are like a lot of medical practitioners, you want to invest more capital in your practice. But periodic reviews of the financial risks and benefits may be holding you back from committing to the spend.

Expensive purchases are hard to justify in today’s economy and they often take years to pay off completely. Fortunately, there is a solution to your dilemma. In this post, we describe an investment that not only promises to be a boom to your practice, but is also affordable and could pay for itself in months—not years.

You only have to add one new patient per month to pay for your DOC Decompression Table. Healthcare practitioners are adding spinal decompression therapy to their practice at an accelerating rate.

Doctor and patient

Here are the top reasons why Spinal Decompression Therapy Works When Other Approaches Do Not

The reported success rate speaks for itself: spinal decompression therapy is successful in the treatment of disc-related pain in as much as 80% of patients treated.

In many of these cases, patients receiving relief from pain had already tried various other treatment approaches like injections, inversion and physical manipulation, all of which failed. The importance to your practice?

The DOC Decompression Table Pays for Itself and Much More

You may be asking yourself “What could I expect to earn by adding spinal decompression to my practice?” While we can’t guarantee any results, we have seen on average clinics add about 3 to 10 new spinal decompression patients per month. Prices range from $75 per treatment up to $200 per treatment. This leads to an average monthly profit after expenses are paid of about $3,000 to $10,000 per month. If you are in an area with less competition, you are very motivated and you put some time and money into making your spinal decompression business successful then you will be on the end closer to 10 new patients per month or more. This typically leads to the need for more spinal decompression tables very quickly as 1 just is not enough. Several of our clients have grown their spinal decompression practice by adding up to 10 spinal decompression tables and generate more than $3 Million in business a single year off spinal decompression alone!

Invest in your practice and grow your profits without the burden of capital expenditures that take years to pay off. You only have to add one new patient per month to pay for your DOC Spinal Decompression table and spinal decompression marketing and to enjoy better outcomes, more patients and more revenue with a proven product and program. You won’t have to learn things the hard way. We will walk you through it every step of the way.

What’s the last investment you made in your practice?

Learn more about the spinal decompression table that is taking the world by storm. The DOC Decompression Table includes science-based systems, never-before-seen features supported by years of research, and revolutionary new protocols designed by some of the nation’s leading spinal decompression doctors — not to mention a brand-new price tag that is tens of thousands of dollars less than you’re used to spending on spinal decompression tables. Inquire here:

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One-year End-to-End Warranty

You will sleep like a baby knowing that your DOC spinal decompression table is covered end to end for both parts and warranty.

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Best Price Guarantee

With our low price guarantee you will get one of the world's most effective spinal decompression tables without having to pay an arm and a leg. This will allow you to get a solid return on your investment. That’s why this table has been called “the best table for your money”.

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Financing Options

Get a DOC Decompression Table for around $350 monthly

Qualified applicants can also receive the following:

(Based on approved credit. Excludes Hawaii and Alaska. Apply for details.)

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