Nov 28, 2017

Doc Decompression Table - Grow Your Practice, Make Your Name In The Community

Are you looking for an asset to your chiropractic practice? You need to find something that can help you make your practice grow. A spinal decompression table fits the bill perfectly.


You will be able to treat the patients you used to refer out and deliver better patient outcomes as well with a spinal decompression table. However, not every decompression table is created equal. You won't find every table to have the same features. Your job is to look for a table that is user-friendly and comfortable for your patients as well. A table that makes your practice the preferred one in the community. The best way to find the best machine for your needs is by doing a comparison between the best spinal decompression tables available on the market. Comparison of spinal decompression tables is an intelligent way to spot minor yet prominent differences between different tables. It helps you figure out which table would serve your patient's needs most effectively.


The DOC decompression table has been called "the best table for your money" when you compare the amount of features you get for its low price. Plus Monthly payments are generally less than $300 monthly. If you signed up 1 new patient every 3 months then that would cover your monthly lease payment. Most clinics enroll between 3-8 new patients per month conservatively. The DOC table will most likely pay for itself in a matter of months and not years like some of the more expensive tables on the market.


Download our table comparison chart to see which decompression table is right for your practice here.

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With our low price guarantee you will get one of the world's most effective spinal decompression tables without having to pay an arm and a leg. This will allow you to get a solid return on your investment. That’s why this table has been called “the best table for your money”.

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Get a DOC Decompression Table for around $350 monthly

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Doc Decompression Table - Grow Your Practice, Make Your Name In The Community

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